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How to reset my password?

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Your passwords are not kept openly, therefore resetting includes an automatized verification of your identity and the creation of a new password.

The procedure has three steps and takes 1-2 minutes, assuming the phone number and date of birth were correctly entered during registration.

  1. First step. Insert the phone number and code from the picture into the form.

    If you don`t see the code in the picture, turn off any proxy server or traffic optimizer and refresh the page.

    Insert your phone number, indicated in the registration form, into the "phone number" field.

    • If the specified number does not comply with any profile, you'll receive a message with a request to contact the company office.
      Send an application for specification of your profile data to the Company's e-mail address.
      Application should contain your name, valid phone number, date of birth, for partners you must also specify: name of the adviser, number of your agreement and mentor.
      Attach a scanned copy of your passport to your application.
    • If your number is found, you will move to the second step.
  2. Second step. Enter your birth date.

    • If the specified date does not match the date in profile, system will display a corresponding message. In this case, like with the wrong phone number, you need to make an application for clarification of your personal data.
    • If data is correct, you will move to the final step.
  3. Third step. After correct identification of your date of birth, you'll receive a call from an unknown number after 1-2 minutes. You can immediately reject the call. If you answer, the call will be ended automatically.

    The phone number of the caller contains a code - these are the last 6 digits to be entered into the password change form. The code should be entered without any spaces or dashes.

    Think up and enter a new password twice in the new password lines.

    If you entered the code correctly, your password will be changed in the system and authorization will automatically occur.

Pay attention

Currently, only personal change of password for authorization on the website is possible, on this page.